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It's Graduation Week!

We love graduation week at Chapel Chester!

The Chapel walls are bursting with pride as parents and extended families travel far and wide for the joyous occassion.

For many parents it feels like only yesterday when their eighteen year old child entered their first year halls of residence and now they’re all back in the city, dad all suited and booted and mum suitably dressed to impress.  Their mature eighteen year old finely dressed in their cap and gown leads them towards Chester cathedral for the awards ceremony.

The city has fabulous vibe as graduates gather in their cap and gowns in coffee shop from early morning. Celebrations continue to more glamorous venues such as Opera Grill and Oddfellows for lunch and evening dinners. How convenient, the Chapel just minutes walk from all of the fine restaurants.

Remember if your graduating be sure to book ahead, often the ceremony dates can change so we try to be as flexible as possible if that does happen.

Congratulations to all and parents wallow the glory!

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